new scsi hd no luck

Attempted to do my homework on this one.  Checked with Dell Support regarding adding another SCSI hard drive to my computer.  They said OK up to 36GB but they would not support anything larger.  Checked with the Maxtor support and they said a SCSI Ultra 320 was backwards compatible with SCSI Ultra 2.  Both are 68 pin.  The homework was the easy part.

Tried to install a Maxtor Atlas IV 10K 36GB SCSI Wide 320 LVD hard drive to my Precision 610 with latest bios.  Already have a Quantum Atlas 10K 9GB Ultra 2 LVD (as page file drive for Win XP Pro) and a Quantum Fireball 9GB IDE hard drive (as the boot drive for Win XP Pro).  Also have a SCSI CD-ROM drive.  SCSI ID is 0 for 9GB (boot drive), 6 for 36 GB (configured automatically), and 5 for CD-ROM drive.

The following are my attempts to get it initialized:
· under System/System Properties/Hardware/Device Manager the devices are listed as  
            Disk 0 Quantum Fireball 9GB IDE
            Disk 1 Quantum 9GB SCSI
            Disk 2 Maxtor 36 GB SCSI
· however, if I click on the Volumes tab of the Maxtor 36 GB SCSI drive it states Status: Not Initialized
· but, several attempts have been made to initialize using the Hardware Wizard
· have uninstalled and re-installed Adaptec SCSI Ultra 2 controller driver
· when I go to Settings/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management and use the Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard it sees Disk 2 (the one I am trying to install) when I attempt to initialize I get an error message “An unexpected error has occurred.  Check the System Event Log for more information on the error.  Close the Disk Management console, then restart Disk Management or restart the computer”
· there is no record of an error in the System Event Log or any other log for that matter
· I have closed and restarted Disk Management several times and restarted the computer several times without success in initializing the new drive
· the SCSI Utilities program only sees SCSI ID 5 (the CD-ROM drive)

Any ideas?

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Re: new scsi hd no luck

Three days later and no reply.  It is interesting that the Dell Support people that lurk on this forum are quick to solve the simple problems but are reluctant to solve those that involve older systems and complex issues.  How about it Dell?  Care to step to the plate?

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