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non-raid to raid 1 - T130 H330 drivers

Hi - I have a T130 running Windows 2012 R2 Essentials and using a PERC H330 for accessing C: and Z: (two non-raid) SATA drives. Looking to implement RAID 1 using all SATA drives, but need to do a Bare Metal restore and it needs the H330 driver(s). Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with which or how many drivers are needed.


Here's what I have found that seem appropriate, but is this the correct and only one needed?

Description:  Windows 2012 R2 Driver 6.604.06.00 for PERC H330/H730/H730P/H830/H730P MX/FD33xD/FD33xS Controllers

File name:  SAS-RAID_Driver_6V4WY_WN64_6.604.06.00_A05_04


This one may need to be applied either before or after RAID 1 is implemented:

Dell PERC H330 Mini/Adapter RAID Controllers firmware version Urgent


This one may simply help with configuring RAID 1:

Windows PERCCLI Utility for all Dell HBA/PERC Controllers



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Re: non-raid to raid 1 - T130 H330 drivers

K IT guy,

I am not certain I understand what you are wanting to do from the OS side. The H330 supports Raid Level Migration, which is what is need to take from a Raid 0 to Raid 1. You would need to add the new drive, then access the coontroller and select Reconfigure, from there you can change it from Raid 0 to Raid 1. Then the Virtual Disk will write the data to the new drive, incorporating it into the Virtual Disk.

Clarify the specifics of what you are trying with the OS, regarding the bare metal restore. The 2012 H330 driver would indeed be found here, if needed.

Chris Hawk

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