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precision 450 & RAID5


I bought Dell precision 450 running WindowsXP Pro with two Xeon2.66 and 2GB ECCRAM. A 120GB ATA HD is used. To improve the performance and data security, I am going to use three 120GB ATA HD under RAID 5 control. I am beginner in this area. I am eager to get help from you all experts. My question are:

1) Which RAID card is the best one for running RAID5 to ATA HD so far? Adaptec 2400A, 3Wave 7500 4port or Dell CERC ATA100/4, or others?

2) Is it possible to remove the 1.44 flopy driver and fix one 3.5 inch HD in instead? It seems like that the space for holding the flopy driver is almost the same as that for the 3.5 inch HD next to it.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated.


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Re: precision 450 & RAID5

I added a 3 ATA RAID5 to my 650 using 3com's Escalade 7506 card, and it's working great.


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