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"Fault detected on drive XX"

Hello, I have an R720xd with a H710p controller. Is there any way to make the controller less upset with SATA drives? No matter what SATA drive I insert it claims "Fault detected". I can use the drives, make an array. If I go to Storage in iDrac it shows all drives as healthy. However in the overview page I'm flooded with "Fault Detected", also on the status LEDs by the Power button it reports storage issues. Is there any way to make it more accepting?

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Re: "Fault detected on drive XX"


You should troubleshoot the issue to find out what the fault is.


Our controllers are supposed to create alerts when non-certified drives are being used. Those alerts cannot be disabled. If the alerts are caused by communication issues with non-certified then there is not a way to get rid of the alert. The drive should be listed as certified:no status in our management software like OpenManage Server Administrator if that is the issue.



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