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1950 - how much RAM?

How much RAM can I put into a 1950's 8 sockets?  Excerpt from the Owner's Manual:

"You can upgrade your system memory to a maximum of 32 GB by installing 533-MHz or 667-MHz fully buffered (FB) DDR II memory modules (DIMMs) in sets of 256-MB, 512-MB, 1-GB, 2-GB, or 4-GB modules. The eight memory sockets are located on the system board under the memory cooling shroud.You can purchase memory upgrade kits from Dell."

I've seen after-market kits specifying 64GB, though.  Which is correct?

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It's 64GB only if your 1950 is version II or III.  You will have this sticker on the top-left corner of the front of your server, or in OMSA, under System.

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You can also see how much RAM your system will support using OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) ... it will show you how much you have installed, and how much it will support.  You may need to update your BIOS/ESM in order to support the maximum amount of memory.

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i thought only the Gen-III's would take 64GB.

how about the 2950 family?  can I put 64GB in a 2950-II?  or only a 2950-III?

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Same for the 2950 ... the only real difference between the II and III is the processor support.  Easy way to confirm for yourself is update the BIOS, then check OpenManage for the maximum supported.

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actually got a chance to see it for myself.  the 1950-II and 2950-II both will accommodate 64GB of RAM.  very cool.  however, i have a question about speed.

the official dell spec sheet for the 1950 and 2950 indicate that they can take 533MHz or 667MHz RAM.

the official dell spec sheet for the 1950-III and 2950-III indicate that they can only take 667MHz RAM.

i can't seem to find any spec sheet specifically for the 1950-II or 2950-II.  I"m trying to get 8GB sticks of RAM for them and there is a big price gap between 533MHz and 667 GHZ RAM.  I would presume that if the -II family could only take 667MHz, they would have published its own spec sheet saying so, so i'm thinking that like the plain 1950/2950, the -II's can handle both speeds.

Can anyone speak from experience or point to a published statement as to whether the 1950-II and 2950-II can take 533MHz RAM?


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