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5.25" HDD tray for T610

I want to add a standalone 3.5" SATA HDD to my T610 into the space underneath the optical drive.    Is there a tray or adapter for that? 

Currently, there is a "cover blank" in there, but that doesn't seem to have any provisions for mounting a 3.5" HDD.  (I could conceivably modify it with a Dremel and some glue or extra hardware, but I would rather get something professionally made, if available)


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The slot is meant to be used for a tape drive or an additional optical drive.

There is no Dell-specific solution to add a hard drive here.

But technically you could use any kind of 5.25" hdd carrier/adapter to install the drive in the slot.


Something like this should do:


I guess you will find it online


Here is the removal:



The same applies to the filler but keep the screw from the filler you need to install it in the adapter later, like the one on the optical drive.


Hope that helps.




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And at the end it turned out to be  a 5.25" Tray-Less Hot Swap SATA Mobile Dock


It was under $20 from fleaBay, and with 4TB refurb drives going for around $50 or so, it's a pretty reasonable alternative for tapes.

Even though an LTO6 tape is about half the price of a comparable capacity HDD, I can buy quite a few for the cost of a LTO6 or better SAS tape drive.

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