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Adding a 5th MD1200 enclosure

I have an old PowerEdge R510 running Windows 2008R2 and it has 4 MD1200 storage enclosures. We use this server for our auxiliary copy backups. Anyway, I am running out of space and need to expand. I do have the exact same server configuration decommissioned and just sitting in a rack at another location. I am hoping I can just unplug one of the MD1200s that is decommissioned and plug it in as a 5th enclosure on my currently active server. My question is; Once the enclosure is shipped and attached to the active configuration will the storage just appear in Windows 2008r2? And what about the OPENMANAGE SERVER ADMINISTRATOR? Will the new enclosure just appear there after a reboot? I am assuming I will need to run the Virtual Disk Wizard to create virtual disks out of the physical disks. Then go to the Disk Manager in Windows and Format and create a couple extra drives to be used in our backup solution. All advise welcome

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Your spare server needs a H810 (external SAS RAID HBA) for connecting a MD1200 JBOD. If you attached the already configured MD1200 the HBA will see a "foreign config" which can you import to the HBA. Than your Windows will the VDs and the formated NTFS Volumes.

IF you would like to start at scratch you can delete the foreign config and create new VDs from scratch.  The old Gen11 HBA have a nice and easy MSDOS like menu.





This is the server that will get the 5th enclosure. I did the exact same thing to an identical server 3 or 4 years ago so I am sure my hardware is installed properly. I just do not recall if OPENMANGE and or 2008r2 was able to see the new hardware after only a reboot. If I can use the configuration that already exists, just clear the drives that is fine too. I just wanted to make sure I was not missing a step but it is sounding like after plugging in the MD1200 and rebooting the new hardware will be visible and able to configure...thanks


You can refer section "Connecting the enclosure" on page 20 of below link for details on connecting enclosure.


You need to power off both enclosure and server before connecting enclosure

Also note you can connect upto 4 enclosure on one port of H800. So you need to try connecting 5th enclosure to second port of H800. You can refer below link for supported config details


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