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RE: Adding a video card on a PowerEdge T110 II (black screen without boot)

Your motherboard uses a "Broadcom BCM5722 Gigabit Ethernet Controller" for its "Lan On Motherboard" ethernet (as mentioned in the PowerEdge T110II TEchnical Guide)  emoticon.Smile.title

When you add your recently purchased "1000Mbps Broadcom BCM5722 PCI-Express x1 0D765K D43042 Low Profile" card into the x16 PCIe slot, you should see another NIC appear which should be associated with the x16 PCIe slot you put it in.

Since the same Broadcom BCM5722 chip is used on LOM and NIC card , that is why you see two instances of the same Vendor ID and Product ID  emoticon.Smile.title

These instances of the BCM5722 chips should be associated with different parts of the PCIe bus (different addresses) which should be reflected somewhere in the system configuration tool. Unfortunately i don't have my PE T610 handy (and it doesn't have remote access), so i can't check what the system configuration would show and advise you...

However, your revelation does seem to indicate that the BIOS sees the PCIe NIC card so likely the x1 part of the x16(/x8) slot works.

I'd say that your Dell T110 II BIOS either does not like something about the graphic card OR you have not correctly forced the x16 card to run at x1 speed (and/or masked off the correct part of the connector).

So check that your card mod is OK and confirm what you have actually done to it. Confirm which pins from which side of board is connected to what and which pins you are insulating with paper, maybe even take a pic of the card with the mod and add it to the thread...

Also turn off any and all boot ROMS for NIC/RAID/etc within BIOS as it may free up some resources and allow boot to continue.

As for your frustration, i fully understand but T110 is in one sence crippled to work very reliably as a server and as a server is well supported by Dell. It's only when one can buy a PE server cheaply on ebay (without much knowledge or reserch) that they find out it's not as flexible as a consumer PC they are used to [:?]

Still, i wish Dell would loosen the reins a little and not cripple them so much (or at least release the missing bitsd of the build environment so others could compile an own modified drac and solve fan noise issues, which if you get the graphics card to work will be your complaint).

Guess the value proposition you hoped for when buying the T110 II has somewhat vanished emoticon.Sad.title

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RE: Adding a video card on a PowerEdge T110 II (black screen without boot)

Hi there!

I just wanted inform you guys, that 25 watt limit might not be the case.

I have been successfully running:

Gainward GTX 470 proof:

Sapphire HD7870 (I'm using it now). 

And I was able to even boot Sapphire R9 280, but since it was defective by itself it was working until it died on it own. Crutial thing for this to run was using legency bios not UEFI.

Card that didn't run was R9 380 4GB, most likely becouse it just had uefi.

My experience shows, that problem might be that these dell boards doesn't support well gpu UEFI bios. An that way they just froze on post screen (you might see only one white line on top left corner if your monitor is auto calibrated on that time).

my current system: 1220v2, 32GB ram, 550W Antec, bios is 2.2.2 or 2.4.2. (I will check later)

sorry for blurry image.

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RE: Adding a video card on a PowerEdge T110 II (black screen without boot)


I already tried all the parameter combination possible (even for the IRQ options) without success...

Recently I also tried with a 1x to 16x PCI riser...

I also tried the two following card (wich came from dell machines and are marked as dell hardware, no ATI nor NVIDIA logo on them) I borrowed from my company in order to test with them:

- GT630 2 GB

- HD3450 256MB (yes 0.25GB, its a pretty old one)

In theory this kind of adapter allow to power the card from the molex connector. So, this should eliminate the 25W PCI bus limit..

But this changed nothing...

Both cards give same results.. Blank screen with blank cursor at top left corner. Even the old one didn't work..

As Skylarking said, this vanished the usage for which I bought the machine..

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Re: Adding a video card on a PowerEdge T110 II (black screen

I tried several graphics cards, including the MAXSUNHammer II R5 230 1G, a newly purchased graphics card that turned on to show an underscore in the upper left corner and could not be used.

GALAXY GT610 VC version, the upper left corner of this boot with nail-sized color block, can not use,

upgrade gainward Zhao Yun version GT650ti this need independent power supply, after changing power into the system. After installing the latest NV driver, reboot, after the win10 turn, the system reboots again, it feels like a driver problem.

The gainward Zhao Yun GT220 512M is now used. This does not need independent power supply and is normally used.
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