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Addition of HDD capacity to rack servers


We  have invested into Dell PowerEdge  rack servers.

Details are as below:

A) Poweredge R610 - 2 servers 146 GB each with Solaris 10 installed

B) Poweredge R410: 1 server 500 GB with Solaris 10 installed.

We also have

C) Dell Power Vault Nx3100 as NAS installed.

I come from development background so nuances of system adminstration not aware of.

Rack servers are providing enough processing capabilities to host application environments(Dev/SI/UAT)

But run out of space beacuse of limited hard disk.

What i need to know is how can these servers be integrated with Dell Vault (which has 6 TB of memory) for HDD capacity augmentation.

Do we need to take into account File systems for integration between Solaris and Windows.

Any help in full step by step installation or part to get started will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Best Regards,

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Re: Addition of HDD capacity to rack servers


You can use the Nx3100. You will need to use a Basic NFS share. I have a step by step guide here that will assist you in the configuration.


Let me know how it goes.


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Re: Addition of HDD capacity to rack servers

Hi Chris,

I just skimmed through link you have shared, on the face of it this is the info I was looking for.

Will keep you posted as I execute this item.

Thanks a lot for your support & prompt reply.

Best Regards,