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Any risk of Heartbleed vulnerability on R710 servers?

We've been looking at all hardware and software in our infrastructure to see what is affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability. At first we thought it would just be our Linux webservers, but as we dug deeper, we started finding that a number of our hardware vendors are also using OpenSSL in the administrative software that is used to run the hardware. Case in point--Cisco B-series and C-series servers *are* currently subject to the Heartbleed vulnerability (4/11/14 update...the Cisco servers are now listed as "not vulnerable").

We have a couple of PowerEdge R710 servers and I need to know if they are in any way subject to the Heartbleed vulnerability. (Note I'm not talking about any customer-installed software that we put on the R710...I'm asking if the R710 is vulnerable out of the box).

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RE: Any risk of Heartbleed vulnerability on R710 servers?

It should not be.  The only part that I would have wondered about - the iDRAC - is listed by Dell as being unaffected:

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


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