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Auto-Detect Drivers for maintaining servers

Why don't servers offer the same ability of checking for hardware through system detect and selecting only the drivers that need to be updated?
Why can't the drivers be packaged in the order of installation that is recommended (BIOS, Drivers, Firmware, Application) so that people don't accidentally screw up installation and cause a phone call to support and a lengthy recovery?

These seem like no-brainers that with a little effort would go a long way to reducing the support load of Dell, and increase the efficiency of those of us wanting to use Dell infrastructure in our environments.

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RE: Auto-Detect Drivers for maintaining servers

They do, but not in the dummy-proof way consumer/home machines do it - there needs to be more control over server maintenance.

SUU (Server Update Utility) can run from Windows and update drivers/firmware. It can also be used as the repository with SMTD/SBUU and iDRAC. Repository Manager is another tool that allows you to custom create repositories for specific machines in your environment, including a bootable ISO that auto-updates system firmware.

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