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BSOD after upgrading RAM

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Hello, My PowerEdge T20 gets BSOD after adding 4GB RAM. The original RAM is SKhynix HMT451U7AFR8A-PB (which is 1.35V) while added module is ADATA AD3U1333W4G9-B (1.5V - may it be a reason?). Can I solve this or these modules cannot work together?
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Re: BSOD after upgrading RAM

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We have only validated two memory modules for the T20. Both modules are 1.35v low voltage memory. 1.35v is not a listed requirement for memory. ECC is a listed requirement for memory. I think the main reason the memory is not working is because it is not ECC. Even though we haven't validated any 1.5v modules, I suspect it is capable of providing 1.5v to a module.

If you find memory that meets all of the listed requirements it may still not work. That is the reason we validate hardware for our servers. If you use hardware we haven't validated then you will be performing your own trial and error validation.


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