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Beep Required on HDD Failure

Is it possible to setup a Beep sound whenever there is a hardware failure on Dell systems?

I have a Dell PowerEdge T330 workstation but email alert ,LED alerts not acceptable to the customer.

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RE: Beep Required on HDD Failure


I am not aware of any way to setup hardware alerts using beeping sound besides e-mails and built in LED alerts

Robert Alakara

Dell EMC | Enterprise Services

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RE: Beep Required on HDD Failure

There are no beeps/alarms built into the hardware, so to do this with an audible sound, you would need to install a third-party card/device capable of generating a beep or some acceptable sound that would also be capable of performing an omreport query for drive status to then trigger the audible alert.

Email/SMS alerts would be a better option.

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