Blade PE 1855 and Perc 4/IM stripe-size.

Hi all,
we're deploying some Blades PE 1855 in order to be used as DDBB servers, so our DBAs have requested from us to configure the stripe size (data-width I guess) with a higher value than it has right now. Unfortunately we've seen that the maximum value we can reach is 16, but they need 32 as minimum, and we would like to have 64.
I've checked the Array Manager on boot (you know, CTRL-M option 😉 and updated everything, but I can't. We are using two 72 GBs HDs in RAID-1.
Does anybody know if we can configure this to have 64K as stripe size with the PERC 4/IM?
Thanks a lot in advance and regards,
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