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C6100 xs23-ty3 CPU failure

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to figure out what is wrong with one of the nodes in my c6100.  It does not work and I dont get any beeps etc.  Is there any way I can establish what component is failing if I dont get past the post?

I managed to get a spare motherboard as a loan so swapped the motherboard with the loan.  I also booted it up with only 1 x DIMM in CHA dimm 0 to rule that out.  basically, it powers on but it does not display anything on the connected monitor.  Alo, the power LED is not iluminating green after power on.  Just the usual fans that spin up and then down but nothing.  

I've also tried the node in another slot/bay and it does not work in other bays either.  The only thing I've not done yet is to remove the CPUs as I'm reluctant to remove the chips from my working nodes. 

Any suggestions as to how else to establish what is wrong would be much appreciated.  Like, is there a way to dump logs to a usb or console connection to view status etc?

Many thanks,

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