CPU0 overloaded into Dell PowerEdge R710

We are using a klinux distribution package to setup the active directory. But recently some problem arise when new request come to add some new user in this AD, the request getting failed because of showing the error CPU 0 overloaded though we have 8 core CPU. Also when we see the graph into cacti show the same.

My question is that how can we distribute this application resource into 8core CPU equally or remove this overload problem?



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Re: CPU0 overloaded into Dell PowerEdge R710

Hi Masud,

Klinux ( daif.net/.../announce-en.htm ) doesn't look like it has been updated in quite some time. I couldn't find any more information on it, but it appears to ship with a 2.4.22 kernel and a 2.6.11 kernel. You may not actually have SMP enabled on those kernels as I don't believe this was default until later in the 2.6 series. Both would have had options for SMP of course but they would not be the default and SMP support must be explicitly compiled in.

It's also possible you are seeing the APIC issue as described here: www.alexonlinux.com/smp-affinity-and-proper-interrupt-handling-in-linux . In that case you may in fact have to update the software.

Let me know if I can provide more information on this.


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Re: CPU0 overloaded into Dell PowerEdge R710

Thanks for your replying.

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