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Custom fan on R610. Motherboard holes 100mm * 70mm

Hello everyone, I recently bought some R610 and I was devasted by the sound they make on load... Yes 40mm fans x 6 produce a 11 000rpm and only a 9m3/h of air flow. Considering this, and since I don't care about having rack of 1U only, I bought a custom fan : BeQuiet Pure Rock for 1366 Socket. 1366 Socket required a fixation of 80mm x 80mm. That's the standard. Dell use a 100mm x 70mm fixation hole making all this unusable Smiley Sad Does Dell provide the custom fixation of that R610 ? How can I manage to install a custom fan ? I have seen people using custom fan in some other motherboard (like 710 etc...) that seems to use 80mm x 80mm fixation. Why did Dell use non standard fixation hole ?
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