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DDR3 - Synchronous Registered (Buffered) PowerEdge R710

Dear all,

I am getting error on Display panel  "E2111 SBE Log disabled on DIMM A3 RESEAT DIMM"

i have remove and insert memory pls advise

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RE: DDR3 - Synchronous Registered (Buffered) PowerEdge R710


What I would suggest is to clear the hardware log to re enable logging for the dimms. After clearing the logs then power down the server and swap dimms A3 with another matching dimm in the server. Upon powering up let me know if the error is still reporting from the A3 location, or if the error followed the dimm to the new location. This will identify if the issue is the slot, or the dimm. 

Let me know what you see.

Chris Hawk

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