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DELL R430 - New SAS HBA 6GB - Boot and LCC error

Hello eveverybody,

I have a fresh new Dell Poweredge R430 with a SAS HBA 12GB and everything was ok.

I replaced the 12GB card by the dell SAS 6GB HBA buy on the Dell Website .MyServer wont boot correctly since i replaced it...

My scenario is : 

1/ "Initializing Firmware Interfaces "- now take about 5-10 minutes to pass.

2/ Lifecycle controller wont boot and get stuck on : "Entering LCC"

3/ If my server want boot..., it take long time to be on Windows Logon page (Applying computer settings... screen) - about 5-10 minutes again.

All firmware (LCC, BIOS, HBA SAS, etc...) are up to date. 

I'm using Windows 2008 R2 SP1 on it. All SAS cables and the card are correctly connected to myTL4000.

System Setup : BIOS not UEFI mode

Everyone has an idea, i'm going to be crazy...

Thank you in advance.

Benjamin. T.

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The Dell SAS 6GB HBA card is not supported on the R430 server as stated on the same site that referred to. It is the reason the server will not boot. The SAS HBA 12GB is however supported. See details below:

Manufacturer Part# : 1HD39
Dell Part# : 405-AAES

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Thank you for your answer but my TL4000 cant be connected to a 12GB SAS because there is 3x 6GB SAS ports on it.

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Please see page 9-10 of the link to compatibility matrix below:


Let me know if you have any further questions

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