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DRAC II - PE4400 - Netware 5.0 SP6

We bought some DRAC II cards for our PE4400s running Netware 5.0 SP6.  Fitted OK, initialised OK at boot-up.
Question is - what's the latest management station OpenManage software/platform combination, to use them?  I have tried OM CD V2.0 to install ITA, DRAC Web Console & Array Manager on Win2000Pro & XP workstations, but ITA complains about ActiveX permissions.  In IE6 (Security/Custom page) I have set all ActiveX options to Enable or prompt, and ITA loads, but won't get beyond the default.htm page (says "Error on page")
Documentation says that DRAC II isn't supported on OMSA CD V4.1 & later.
Any suggestions, anybody?
Thanks in advance,
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