DSU 1.6.0 Remote Syntax

Trying to figure out the syntax for running DSU 1.6 for Windows against a remote Windows server. The goal is to have a batch file or PS script run on one server in the domain that updates all the others.

Per DSU documentation, it's--

DSU --remote=DOMAIN\credentials@hostname

How do I furnish the username and password as "credentials"? Is it possible to have it run as SYSTEM on the remote machine and not have to provide a username and password on the command line?

Domain or local admin username by itself doesn't work; (wouldn't expect it to).


SYSTEM@HOSTNAME doesn't work.

Same when I use the FQDN of the server.

This is the output I get from all of these attempts:

C:\Windows\system32>dsu --remote=AnyAccountTried@ServerNameRedacted
DELL EMC System Update 1.6.0
Copyright (C) 2014 DELL EMC Proprietary.
Parsing configuration file...
Initiating connections...
Number of systems completed: 1/1 100%
System: - ( ServerNameRedacted )
Unable to connect to system
Remote update failed
Exiting DSU!
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Re: DSU 1.6.0 Remote Syntax


Try separating the user/pass with a colon. Also, try using the system IP address instead of host name to bypass possible DNS issues.

dsu /remote=domain\user:qassword@ipaddress

You could also try putting it in quotes.

dsu /remote="domain\user:qass@ipaddress"

I would also create a local account for testing to bypass any domain authentication issues. You should be able to just user user:qass instead of domain\user:qass with a local account.


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