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Dangerous Bug in SC420 Bios

Hi, i have an old Dell PowerEdge SC420. A02 Bios Version. Service Tag {{SVC TAG REMOVED BY MODERATOR}}.

It has an old pentium 4 520 32 bit cpu, but i've ordered a pentium 4 521 with 64 bit support so i can install a 64 bit linux on it.

I discovered if i put more than 4GB of ram (ddr2) on in, it reports only 3GB, the dangerous bug is when i turn off the computer, the psu and cpu fans start running ultra very fast, like an overpower,  i was really scared so i turned off the power when this happens. I tested this with the 520 and 521 cpu, with 2 different psus, and different ram sticks, all of 1 or 2 gb, using linux, windows, and turning off the computer still in bios. All the times the same pattern has repeated. If do not turn off the power i think that surely the psu or something will blow off. This is really dangerous so it can cause an accident. I don't want support because i understand is an old computer. But if you have a sc420 do not put more than 4gb of ram on it.  This does not happen with exactly 4gb of ram installed.

Sorry for my english. And i don't want trouble just prevent accidents

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Re: Dangerous Bug in SC420 Bios


The issue you're seeing is not a bug, but likely due to the system passing a hardware threshold and is maintaining fan speed to cool the system. It could also be due to the systems BIOS and idrac currently being behind on updates. What are the current revisions of both?



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