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Dell C6100 IPMI Stop Working HELP

Hi I have a Dell Poweredge C6100 with 4 knots, and for some reason, after 6 days I lose ipmi access from all nodes at the same time! I shoot out each node or reset ipmitool and after a few days it will happen again. Web page interface works, but says user or password is invalid! If I take out each node and re-enter or reset bmc by ipmitool it starts working without problem, but just that way! Even if you try to connect ipmitool outside the physical machine, it shows this error: Error: Unable to establish IPMI v2 / RMCP + session The BIOS has version 1.81 and BMC 1.33. Can someone help me with this situation please? Thank you
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Re: Dell C6100 IPMI Stop Working HELP


I suggest that you verify you can remotely connect to the BMC when it is working.

The BMC on each node should operate independently. If they are all becoming unresponsive at the same time then I suggest looking for something that they all have in common, such as power input. Review all available logs for anything occurring around the time they become unresponsive. I would also set them all to dedicated network and disconnect the network cable from the dedicated port to rule out any issues with requests over the network. You can find documentation on the support page.



Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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