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Dell D330t 2360 Watt Redundant Pfc Power Supply For Poweredge M1000e

Hi All-

I am re-purposing a Dell D330t power supply (12 V at almost 200 A). The 4  high current blade power connectors on the back look like Molex brand connectors, but sadly are not. Does anyone know what the brand/model number is ??? Lots of time searching internet has not been fruitful so far. 

The approximate dimensions of the power Blades are: 3.3mm thick x 18.1 mm tall
Pitch of the power blades is 10 mm
Pitch of the data pins is 0.1 inch
The dimensions of the metal support studs is 3 mm thick by 13.9 mm tall
The outer distance across the metal studs external dimension is 61.75 mm.
On top of the connector there was a bar coded sticker with the following numbers:
SO# 710069
The connector also had the number H243003000D6H
Any help would be most apprectiated

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