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Dell Diagnostics won't get past Gathering your tests


We had a PowerEdge that did not power up after a recent reboot.  The system was on but the fans were running 100%, there was no display out, and the front LCD that displays the service tag was blank.  After several reboots with a few unplugs of the power cable we were able to get it back online.  I have since tried to run the diagnostics it just gets stuck at "Gathering your tests".  This is using Chrome and IE and letting it run for multiple days trying to gather.  We are trying to run the diagnostics without any server downtime but the diagnostics just hang before they even start.


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Re: Dell Diagnostics won't get past Gathering your tests


It sounds like some type of hardware issue. I'm not sure what troubleshooting options may be available since I don't recall seeing mention of the system model.

Basic troubleshooting would involve reviewing any available logs and taking the system to minimum-to-POST. You can find documentation on the system support page.


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