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Dell LSI 12Gb SAS 9300-8e HBA Full Height Bracket

Hi Everyone - we have a Dell LSI 12Gb SAS 9300-8e HBA currently working in a Dell R620, we need to move this to a new host a Dell R730 but the HBA currently has the low profile bracket installed and the R730 has no low profile slots. The engineer who installed the card tidied the card away, and 3 weeks of looking (not constant granted!) I can't locate the full height bracket.

Does anyone have any idea where I can get hold of one of these, I would prefer a legit source i.e. Dell or LSI rather than any third party/auction site.

Any ideas welcome

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Did you every find this by any chance? I'm in the same position




I'm not seeing a part number for a bracket for that controller. I am seeing one for a PERC, but the PERC is an internal facing controller, as opposed to the external controller here. You might contact Sales to see if they have any further listings, but I'm not seeing a bracket part number that appears to be what you need. If this followed a service call in a similar manner to our OP, I'd recommend contacting your case owner to get this corrected.

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