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Dell PE R210ii GPU Help

I have a slew of these that were taken out of server duty.  I have a need for some Microsoft Teams Rooms boxes, and I thought i would just reconfigure 8 or so of these to serve that purpose.

I know there is a 25w max for PCI cards in the box.  I tried tossing one of the 50 or so GTX745 cards I have lying around in the machine but I guess the consumption is too high.

A) are there known cards that work in these?

B) are there any configuration steps needed to support said GPU?

Again, I'm not looking for gaming cards or have overly high expectations.  We just have AV racks in most of our conference rooms that only have 1-2 slots left.  So trying to leverage these for ease of use.


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Hi ortizmyers.


Sounds reasonable but unfortunately, there are no supported graphics solutions available by us.


You might go trial and error and test with different low power cards, but it still might throw out errors or bring up additional issues - thinking of missing drivers for example.


I'm afraid, but I can't give you any good alternative here - the system in question is way too old you may run into an issue with finding a card too. Actual graphics cards use at least the 75Watts that come from the PCIe slot. PCI cards? I think they will be hard to find


Nonetheless, if you find a working solution, feel free to post it here, maybe it helps also others who are trying to solve the same issue.




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