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Dell PE T710 No Boot device Available

Hi, got a Dell Power Edge T710 with a PERC 6/I  in Raid 5 doesn't boot. Neither in UEFI or BIOS after a power outage. It doesn't show the  Tried in diskpart, and other software alternatives. 

All leds are green, Smart Status: OK

At POST the sys tem detects RAID Controller and the virtual drive  but when I try to enter the RAID Configuration Utility it doesn't show nothing. Only can reset the system with ctrl+alt+del 


Already reseated the PERC, cables and all the Drives.

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DELL-Daniel My

Re: Dell PE T710 No Boot device Available


You can boot to our Support Live Image to check the virtual disk status. If the virtual disk is online and accessible then it is a software issue. If it is a software issue then you will need to see what recovery or repair options are available for the OS you are running.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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