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Dell PowerEdge CS23-SH drivers

I have a Dell PowerEdge CS23-SH and I am looking for drivers for it, specifically RAID and disk drivers for Windows Server 2012 support.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Dell PowerEdge CS23-SH drivers

The CS23-SH is a line of custom-made servers for one of Dell's large customers.  It carries the names Dell and PowerEdge, but it is not a regular PowerEdge server ... Dell does not support this server, either under a Dell support contract or by providing drivers, parts, or documentation for it.  It is similar to Dell's "cloud" servers, but not entirely the same, so some of the drivers may work, some of them may not, in which case, you would probably need to start looking for drivers at the individual device manufacturers' websites.

That said, which RAID controller does yours have?  I would guess, based on what others have reported for their non-Dell Dell servers, either a Dell PERC 6/i or a generic/retail LSI SAS controller.

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