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Dell PowerEdge R710 and Qlogic QLE2462-N

Just found out I've got a dead QLE2462-N Qlogic 4GB FC HBA. After looking around for replacements I can find QLE2462-N-NAP or QLE2462. Is there any crucial difference between these part numbers? 

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Re: Dell PowerEdge R710 and Qlogic QLE2462-N


I wasn't able to find anything in our part database with the "N-NAP" on it. I did find an expired ebay listing with that in the description. The part number on that listing was DF976. That is a QLE2462 V1. The big difference between the QLE2462's in our part database is V1 and V2. Only the V2 is validated for the R710. The original version of the card(V1) is only validated up to around 9th generation. There may be some later generation servers that are validated, but 9th generation is all I saw when I skimmed through the list.

If the part listing does not specify that it is V2 then I would assume it is first revision.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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