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Dell PowerEdge T130 Installation Media

Hello from athens, 

i have bought before 1 year this server, now i need to format it becouse of ransomwere.

the problem is that my installation media (dvd) it is broken. 

i have the product key but not the media. 

i have talk to Dell Hellas, and this dont have any media or iso link to download it.

Microsoft dont have media for this version.

My License says: "Windows Server 2012 R2 foundation ROK 1CP"


Please provide me an iso link for this


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Re: Dell PowerEdge T130 Installation Media

Foundation is OEM only. The only other place you can get it is through an MSDN/VisualStudio software account.

If you can't get the media from Dell, then you'll need to purchase a new OS. You can start by downloading an evaluation version of Server Standard.

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