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Dell Poweredge 1850 Memory/battery problems detected


My Dell Poweredge 1850 hangs during POST.  It displays a message saying: Memory/battery problems were detected. The adapter has recovered, but cached data was lost. Press any key to continue.

I press a key and the Server 2003 screen appears and starts to load but then the screen goes dark.  It does not continue to boot.

I have read about replacing a battery and also trying CTRL M but I am not sure what to do.  Could it be a battery and if so, is it the CMOS battery or is there another?

Any assistance is appreciated.


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RE: Dell Poweredge 1850 Memory/battery problems detected

If your status light is blue (not amber, scrolling a message about the battery), then you need to replace the RAID memory/DIMM. Part number 4D554.

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