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Dell Poweredge t310 memory issue

I just bought 2 sticks of 4gb 1333mhz dual rank ecc registered memory and the system won't boot with them installed. I read the manual and it should support them. I've tried installing them alone and together nothing works just won't boot. Does anyone know the problem and maybe knows a solution? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Dell Poweredge t310 memory issue


Memory support varies based on configuration. You will need to provide information on the CPU and memory for someone to assist. Model numbers would be best.

The memory controller is on the CPU. If you are using a CPU that is not Xeon then you cannot use RDIMMs. You can only use unregistered/unbuffered DIMMs with non-Xeon CPUs. That would be my first guess. There are many other considerations, full specifications must be reviewed to verify proper memory population.


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