Dell R610 IDrac / power Boot issues

I have a new Dell R610 with issues.

After getting power error problems, replaced both power suplies.   Then were getting repeated errors and system auto-rebooted on us.   So replaced Motherboard.   Now were having problems with the system hanging on the idrac controller at boot-up.   takes 5-10 minutes before it hangs and says idrac communication problems and then reboots system.  It repeats the problem and then I get a F1 to continue (with warnings that power required may exceed psu wattage) or F2 to hit setup.

If I shut it down and pull the power cords, I can boot cleanly.   but the next time I reboot it does the same thing.


Idease ?


Jim Tonkinosn  City of Rochester

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Re: Dell R610 IDrac / power Boot issues

Same here on a R710.

1. Errors for both PSUs in log
2. contacted Dell Support -> iDRAC6 Firmware Update from 1.50 to 1.54
3. iDRAC6 Error during boot, System hanging, Errors in OpenManage System Administrator
4. Changed Mainboard and both PSUs
5. Again iDRAC6 Errors and System hanging (iDRAC6 Firmware 1.54 here too)

Seems the Firmware is buggy. Will contanct Dell Support again tomorrow.

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