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Dell R610 Network Card Numbers Different After Disk Import

Dell R610

Moved mirrored drive C: disks from one R610 to another and imported disks successfully.

After the disk import, the Network cards now indicate NIC #5, NIC #6, NIC #7 and NIC#8 instead of the original NIC#1, NIC#2, NIC#3 and NIC#4 because the network cards are different on the new R610. Of course the IP, Gateway etc.. all had to be updated after the disks were imported.

Question: what is the proper way of removing all network card entries in the registry to get the OS to notice the NICs properly as NIC#1, NIC2 etc...

NOTE: After the disks were imported we kept getting prompted that there was already a NIC with the same IP although none of the NICs had an IP assigned at the time because they were all DHCP. The OS was retrieving info from the registry about the previous NICs.

Any assistance would help.


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RE: Dell R610 Network Card Numbers Different After Disk Import

In this case, the network devices are permanently marked ast NIC5, NIC6, etc. There is no way to modify the way windows enumerates NIC’s, unfortunately.



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