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Dell R710 No Power

Greetings all,

I am trying to fix a r710 server for a gentleman who is trying to start a Urgent care facility.

The unit he currently has will not power up at all when hitting the power button. Opening the case, I see, what I assume, is the 24 hour power LED by the CMOS reset jumper. 

I've checked all the connections I could but documentation is vague at best regarding signal tracing.

I've looked at the push button on the control/VGA board. It seems fine. When using a DVM on the button contacts, it shows 3.5V and drops to 0 when button is pushed in (turn on command). From there, I would assume it would go to the motherboard, but I am not sure. I've unplugged the riser cards and disconnected the hard drives, I've removed the power supplies one at a time and even swapped the ports, one at a time as well. The power up solid green.

I am assuming here the control/VGA port card or the main/motherboard.

I am doing this for him pro-bono, so any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


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This is the no Post/no Power troubleshooting guide:


If swapping and removing all possible components in the guide does not resolve the issue then the issue is with one of the components that you could not swap like the system board.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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Thank you so much for your reply. I tried all the suggestions on the tech note. No joy.

However, I would like to isolate the problem either to the control board or the main system board. Would you happen to have the pinouts of the connector from control board to the motherboard. I just want to make sure it not the control board causing this.

Again, thanks for your time.



Would you happen to have the pinouts of the connector from control board to the motherboard.

No, I'm not aware of schematics or pinouts that are available to the public.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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I ordered a replacement mobo and control panel. Exchanged SD card and SCSI plug to new mobo. Now the system's power supply fans speed up and slow down. The "on/off" button blinks on briefly every 5 seconds. If I hold down the power button, the system will shut down. Powering back up brings back same problem.

Interestingly enough, I can get into the menus where it will ask my if the system is in DHCP or static IP (and other networking configurations), the error verbosity, i believe, and other functions, but the system fans do not spin up and the power supply fans still cycle up and down, up and down with just one supply or both installed and working. Both supplies show green LED.

I removed all components down to the uPs. On power up the supplies spun up as they did before then settled to a lower speed ( I think still cycling though...looking at the blades, it's just below hearing level).

Tried clearing CMOS, no different (unless I am doing it wrong compared to a normal mobo.).

Hooked up monitor to VGA, no output at all.

Any thoughts?



hey steve,


did you get this resolved?

i am debating swapping the system board out as well.




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Were you able to fix the problem? Cuz I’m having the same issue as you 


Hello, Please try to first power drain 

1. Power the server down.  
2. Disconnect server from all power cables, Network cables. 
3. Hold down the power button continuously for at least 10 seconds.  
4. Insert power cabless and network cables back to the system.  
5. Wait about 2 minutes before powering on server to give the iDRAC time to initialize. 
6. Power the system on. 


Then take it to a minimum to post configuration. Please remove everything but the following from the server;

System board


Processor (CPU1) with Heatsink

Power Supply

One stick of memory in DIMM slot A1

Control Panel w/cable


trying to power up again and see if it passes POST. If so place each item removed back in the server, one by one, and then power up and see which one causes it to fail POST and that is your cause.


If still issue persists you might try to NVRAM clear via jumper page 178 https://dell.to/3CsAIUP

Video https://dell.to/3Csezpz



Hope that helps!


Erman Özkurt
Social Media and Communities Professional
Dell Technologies | Enterprise Support Services

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