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Dell R815 Machine Chk CPU Error


I have a Dell R815 machine that will no longer boot properly. Every time I try and power on the machine, I can make it past the Dell splash screen but shortly after the machine will reboot itself. 

The error on the machine's LCD screen is as follows: CPU Machine Chk: Processor sensor, transition to non-recoverable was asserted.

I ran the hardware diagnosis tools there were already installed on the machine and got the error code: 2900:0221. The text that went along with the error code was: System Firmware: Processor sensor (CPU Machine Chk) transition to non-recoverable. 

Any advice to help with this issue would be appreciated.



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RE: Dell R815 Machine Chk CPU Error


The 2900:0221 error you are seeing is normally returned from 32Bit Diagnostics, it is referencing a earlier error, that is  seen in the hardware log. With current error returns it is normally a 4400:xxxx format. If you clear the hardware log, via the iDrac, then the 2900:0221 error should clear out. 

In regards to the server not making it past the splash, what I would suggest first is to take the server toa Minimum to Post configuration. That is removing everything from the server but the following;


  • System board
  • I/O board
  • Risers
  • Processor (CPU1) with Heatsink
  • Power Supply
  • Power Distribution Board
  • At least 2 DIMMs in sockets A1, A2 (lock-step pair) to POST
  • Control or I/O Panel board
  • Control Panel w/cable 

Once everything is removed then reseat the risers and power the server. If the server then boots past the splash then add the parts removed, one at a time, back to the server until you identify the part causing the issue. That or until all the parts are installed. 

Let me know what you see.

Chris Hawk

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