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Dell Startup disk

Hello I am new to the site and well to Dell Servers. I am from a HP Server world and I am looking for the startup disk that comes with new servers.

I know with HP there is a disk that comes with it that allows you to setup the RAID/Disk and then installs all the needed management tools needed in order to maintain the server and then finally walks you through install the OS.

Does Dell have a disk like this? If so where do I get it and if not how to I install the software to manage the RAID on my Dell PowerEdge R510 server ?

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RE: Dell Startup disk

That tool is called Systems Management Tools and Documentation (SMTD).

It can be used, but is not absolutely necessary ... OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) can be installed individually after any OS install. I rarely use it to install the OS.

http://support.dell.com  ... search by model, find SMTD under Secure Systems Management and OMSA under Systems Management (use the Managed Node 32-bit (32-bit or 64-bit OS) or 64-bit package).

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