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Dell T140 limits Turbo for Xeons


I bought a T140 with a Xeon E-2136 that has a turbo limit of 4.5 GHz from Intel. Running it inside the T140 there's a limit on the CPU to 4.2 GHz no matter what I do. I tested it under Windows and Linux, with better cooling, undervolting, everything that I could to see if I can pass even for a second over the 4.2 GHz. I can keep all the threads at 4.2 GHz while compiling or testing for 24 hours so there's no throttling due to anything else.

This is clearly a limit from Dell, although the CPU could pass (at least for a short amount of time) without going over the power/thermal constraints.

Is there a way to bypass this imposed limit?

It would have been very good to know this beforehand. I suppose all the Xeons have this limit in the T140, right? 

I would have liked to know about the limits beforehand, but I couldn't find no reference.

Do you have any plans for a Bios update that addresses this>

I am very pleased with this server and I want to buy at least one more. If there's another CPU that you're not limiting it would be very nice to know.

Thank you,

Thanks for doing a great job (with this exception Smiley Wink )

Any info regarding this is much appreciated.

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