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Dell T20, T1700, 9020: Motherboard pinouts: Case upgrade


I have the Dell T20 1225v3 Server and wanted to upgrade the stock case to a large aftermarket case. 

Has anyone done this? 

My main concern is the non-standard front I/O connector and was wondering is there is a work around to get the pinouts for the front I/O or possibly an adapter. 

Also, the System Fan and Power switch connectors look standard, is this true or are they different ? 

I need to upgrade the case as adding a Video card has increase my Case's internal temperatures quite a bit and the current airflow from the singe 90mm fan is just not sufficient. 

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RE: Dell T20, T1700, 9020: Motherboard pinouts: Case upgrade

I'm in the same boat:

slightly different reason: want to add an 870GTX Ti, which are all pretty much 10.5" long, and the pair of drives cage is right about that mark (where the rails design of the drives push areas to 10.25"), and of course, you have to get around the case lip; i.e. cannot a do it (without cutting it out of the case)

what is that micro front panel connector (could be related to white embossed "FRONTPANEL TBT_HDR")?

close to cutting the wires and just using small wire nuts and electric tape (keeping said bleeping connector); i.e. follow the wires and find out what they go to, then just cut the ends of the new case's front panel and splice away...

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