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Dell T320 and T620 Hyper-V host server Freeze every morning

We are having this issue with three deferent Dell Power Edge servers. Two of them are T320 only old one year and the other one is T620 Server. Every morning the physical server completely freeze and stop responding. I have to do the power cycle to get it back up. It's been happening last 2 weeks now. All the servers are running windows 2012 R2 and setup as Hyper-V host server. Once it restarted server runs fine until the next morning. I have done BIOS and Firmware updates and didn't make any deferent. Just wondering if anyone else is having or previously had the similar issue and any thoughts would really appreciate. 


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RE: Dell T320 and T620 Hyper-V host server Freeze every morning

When you say EVERY morning, is that roughly at the same time?

Have you tried to RDP to the afflicted server when no keyboard/mouse response?

How much memory and disk space do you have?

Any features/ programs added lately?

Check the event logs.

A resource "leak" will do this, are any resident programs leaking resources. Does the memory use constantly increase for a particular process? Search Google for.....     memory leak

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