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Dell r410 problems adding SSD drives


I have 3 Dell r410 servers I am using for a home lab. Each has 1 3 TB SAS hdd in them. Just purchased 3 480GB DC SSD drives. I place them in the server and SAS controller is not displaying them. Am I missing something?

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Re: Dell r410 problems adding SSD drives

First, there is no guarantee that any old third-party drive will work. There is a high-probability that they will, but it's not guaranteed, and they will show non-critical warnings in the logs. 

Where are you looking for them? You should be checking in OMSA, Storage, PERC, Enclosure/Backplane, Physical Disks. Do the drive lights come on? Double-check their mounting in the trays/carriers … they should be mounted using the holes that put the drives closest to the backplane regardless of how the holes are labeled, otherwise they will not engage the backplane at all.

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