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Diags for PE2900

I have a used PE2900, from a client that's retired. Perc5/I Raid 5. I've re-initialized the Raid array and installed Windows server 2012 trial, updated bios, other drivers but I would like to run the online diagnostics and am having trouble finding the right download. I can't run from F10 as that says it's unavailable. is there a way to get the utility partition back?

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RE: Diags for PE2900

The Utility Partition (diagnostics) can only be installed if a Dell deployment utility is used for the OS install - SBUU/SMTD. 

SMTD (Systems Management Tools and Documentation):

Alternatively, you can run diagnostics from separate media (CD, floppy, USB, network):

I only ever use the latter.

If by "online" diagnostics you actually meant the program called Online Diagnostics (which can be run from the OS while the system is "online"), then you can try the version designed to run on 2008R2 - Dell has not yet validated Online Diagnostics for 2012/R2: