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E1614 PS error on DELL 2950


I came in and ssh'd into our DELL 2950 server and every unix command I typed gave an input/output error.

Drove over to the data center, and on the status display on the front of the server there was a E1614 PS status.

Rebooted the server and everything was fine.

From online documentation, an E1614 PS is defined to be:

"No power is available from the specified power supply; specified power supply is improperly installed or faulty."

The 2950 server is dual power supply. It was bought around end of summer 2007.

Question: If there was a power supply problem, why didn't the server failover to the other power supply? It

has dual redundant supplies, and the whole purpose of dual redundant supplies is to failover should the

main supply go bad. I guess its possible that the status message on the front panel could have been from some previous problem. I

posted in case someone has had a similiar experience, and what or why did this happen? The server

had been up continuously for over 1 year prior to this.



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Re: E1614 PS error on DELL 2950

You may want to pull a DSET and create a case with support to see if there is maybe something with the power distribution parts in the server.

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Re: E1614 PS error on DELL 2950

This error can show up if only one of the two power supplies is actually plugged in.    check for loose connections.   ;-) 

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