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Emulex HBA updates and "CIM Provider"


i have 27 esx 4.1 and 5.1 hosts which are spread across poweredge r720s and r710s. i need to update the hba firmware and bios on all these servers as this is a requirement for communicating with the EMC VNX 5700.

ive downloaded and install the emulex ocm plug-in for vcentre but it fails with the following error message:

"Adapter information could not be fetched from the server Cannot proceed further"

i was talking to emulex support who this needs to be corrected by downloading and install the dell "CIM Provider". has anyone had to perform this task?



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RE: Emulex HBA updates and "CIM Provider"

2016 Jul

We could locate the CIM directly from the vendor website however it will be easier to find the package with the following filter.

Look for VMware CIM and filter for zip files and sort by date.