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FreeNas 9.3 Raid 5 poweredge r530

hello, i bought a dell server r530, raid 5, 8Gb ram , 4 Discs with 40 Terra.

i´m using it with freenas, it works fine as long as i dont copy data from users. 

in the grafic is just freenas running, no users are copyng data.

this comes up when i start using the raid disks

the grafic from network goes up and down, as if the disk cant work fine

could somebody give me some advise?

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Leandro Soares
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RE: FreeNas 9.3 Raid 5 poweredge r530

It is advisable to use the raid via software in the freenas.


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RE: FreeNas 9.3 Raid 5 poweredge r530

I would agree with Leandro; when using FreeNAS, use software raid (ZFS).

To do so, set the PERC to HBA mode and reinstall FreeNAS. Then use the web interface to pick your raid type and have FreeNAS handle the raid part.

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