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GeForce 650 Ti will not display past BIOS screen on PowerEdge T310

I've added a GeForce 650 Ti to my PowerEdge T310, and although it does display the BIOS loading screen it does not display anything further.

I've replaced it with a 9800GT which DOES work into Windows, so I'm assuming it's a compatibility issue with the 650 Ti? Although I'm not sure.

I have cleared the BIOS and attempted to boot from a Windows 7 CD, but it hasn't solved anything.

Does anyone know if this card can or will work with this system?

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From memory, the T310 has a x16 PCIe slot but take note that the PCIe slots on this system are all general purpose 25W PCie slot and as such you do not have a graphics capable 75W PCIe slot. The fact is that not all x16 slots can be assumed to be graphics capable :emotion-6:

What this means is that a graphics card is initialised at 25W and low resolution mode during the early part of the boot process but can then not negotiate for the more than 25W it needs from a general PCIe slot later in the boot process. And as the PCIe specs are vague on what happens if a card can not negotiate for what it needs, since the board may not or can not provide the needed power, the issue could be handled elegantly by one card or card manufacturer but poorly by another card or card manufacturer. Even motherboard makers may handle such issues in an inconsistant way [:?]

So as you are trying to use the system 'out of spec' be prepared to do some homework and some trial and error. If you find a low power 25W card that will work for you, at the performance level you need, then stick with it. If you need more grunt then you may need to provide more power to the card via auxilary graphics power connector(s) on the card (which may require some hardware hacking around the power cabling of your system). But even such power hacking may not always work as you are using the card outside specs and it may fail in odd ways if it can't get the expected 75W from the PCIe slot.

If you want plug and play conveniance, use a workstation. If you don't mind researching, start by looking at the numerous posts i have made on the subject within the server forum and you may get a better understanding of the issues you face.

Just remember, a 110W GF 650Ti or a 105W GF 9800GT may or may not work into a 25W slot as you seem to have found :emotion-6:

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Oh, and remember these Power Edge Servers use a server OS but you should/may be able to get a client OS like Windows 7 working if you are cleaver about where you get your drivers. Hint: look at the workstation download pages for drivers if you want to go down that client os path (but note it wont magically fix your graphics card issues which are hardware and firmware based).

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