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H700 cables needed in my R710 with 6x3.5 backplane


I am about to install an H700 into an R710 that previously had a Perc6. Also worth noting this is the 3.5" backplane and not the 2.5". I know that I will need different cables then the perc6 had.

Anyone able to pop open their R710 with H700 and tell my the Part number on the cables you have?

Or, does anyone know if the R610 cables would work just fine with my R710?

Thanks a lot, I would really appreciate the help!


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RE: H700 cables needed in my R710 with 6x3.5 backplane


The part number needed is cable P110M (SAS 0), and cable N170M (SAS 1). They are the 3.5 controller to backplane cables.

Let me know if this helps. 

Chris Hawk

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RE: H700 cables needed in my R710 with 6x3.5 backplane

Hello and Thank you.

I have an R710 that I put a PERC H700 into.  All my drives work (I have the 8x2.5" configuration with 6 drives populated). But I have an annoying error.  E1A14 SAS cable A failure.  Which is clearly not the case as everything is working.  Are the SAS cables proprietary or specific?  I bought new generic cables, believing the error message was accurate to some extent, but that has not removed the error.

Thank you!

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