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How to Diagnose a Flashing Red/Amber Light on Dell PowerEdge 1950

The server has a flashing red/amber light in the back of it while all the HDD seem to be working fine. How can I run a diagnostics test to figure out what the flashing light means? This is windows Server 2003 on a Dell PowerEdge 1950.

I realize this is completely outdated and it will be replaced soon, but for now it is running a required application of ours so please don't scold too much (I'm only in charge of fixing it =))


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RE: How to Diagnose a Flashing Red/Amber Light on Dell PowerEdge 1950


It looks like the system identification button has been removed/broken. That appears to be the backlight for the button that used to be there. There should also be a flashing amber light on the front panel. You should review the hardware logs to see what the issue is. You can boot to <CTL E> to view the hardware logs, through the DRAC embedded web server, or install OpenManage Server Administrated(Managed Node) to view the hardware log and other information about the server.

If the light is not flashing on the front then it could be that the LED was damaged when the button was removed/broken. Page 14 of the manual lists what the indicators are, and page 24 explains how to clear LED/LCD status messages.



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