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How to configure/setup a VRTX for file share/backup and recovery/VMs...

Hi All,

I'm new at the Dell Forums Tech questions and need your help, PLEASE:

We are a 60 users, a combination of DevOps and Architects (building Hospitals) in need of a new file share, one option in mind is the Dell VRTX to be used as follows:

-File Share, files to replicate to AWS (MS FRS File Replication Services or MS DFS R Distributed File Solution).

-Backup and recovery, we talked about Dell AppAssure software only (think is a great solution, how compatible is it with NetBackups???) 

-VMs: print server, license server for Autodesk/Revit, Secondary DC
-MS server 2012 for the VMs and server 08 for DCs/print server/lic server

Where I need help is choosing the proper hardware: CPU, RAM, RAID config and OS configuration. Please direct me to the right path.

Thank you ahead of time.

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RE: How to configure/setup a VRTX for file share/backup and recovery/VMs...

Hi RAvellan,

Someone in the community may be able to provide a comparison of AppAssure and NetBackup, however one advantage to AppAssure is that it is a single support call for both the software and the hardware. As for what hardware you would want, it would depend on the load of servers, your existing set up might be able to give you some idea of the resources that you need for each application. You would want either two or four servers on the chassis as a Hyper-V cluster for redundancy and so you can perform updates without taking everything offline.

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